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A War of Witches
A Journey into the Underground of the Contemporary Aztecs
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J. Knab
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Harper Collins Publishers
The suspenseful chilling personal narrative of an american anthropoligst's harrowing initiation into the extraordinary world of the contemporary aztecs.

"For two decades Timothy Knab has wandered the backroads of Mexico, penetrating the arcana of obscure curanderos and sorcerers. A War of Witches is an astonishing account of a world of magic and sorcery that echoes the deepest roots of Aztec mysticism. What begins as an innocent ethnographic encounter ends in a revelation as Knab uncovers the ghoulish dimensions of a blood fued that has left dozens of sorcerers dead."
-- Wade Davis, author of The Serpent and the Rainbow

"A War of Witches represents a uniquely original and authentic piece of research into one of the most difficult topics to penetrate and evaluate--the highly sacred rituals concerning the gods and lost souls of the modern Aztecs. It will long stand as a milestone in anthropology."
-- Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Harvard Botanical Museum, author of Plants of the Gods

"Timothy Knab's work combines some of the most penetrating ethnography with an insightful understanding of how powerful and complex [the contemporary Aztec] conflicts are."
-- David Carrasco, Princeton University, author of The Religions of Mesoamerica

"This fascinating book gives us a unique glimpse into a mysterious world that few would believe exists today. It is a real-life, bone-chilling tale set in the misty, isolated highlands of indigenous Mexico."
-- Diana Kennedy, author of Cuisines of Mexico