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The War on Drugs II
The Continuing Epic of Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Crime, AIDS, and Public Policy
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James Inciardi
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Mayfield Publishing Company
Based on extensive field work, The War on Drugs II offers students a vivid portrayal of the worlds of heroin, cocaine, crack, and crime--from the poppy fields of Asia and the jungles of Amazonia to the crack houses and shooting galleries of rural and urban America.

New to The War on Drugs II:
  • The AIDS/Drugs Connection: Chapter Six surveys the connection between drug use and the spread of AIDS.
  • Public Policy and Debate: Chapter Eight discusses the intense debate over the cost of the war on drugs and its impact on basic freedoms and law enforcement systems.
  • Extended Coverage of Crack: In addition to descriptions of the history, pharmacology, and abuse patterns of crack, first-hand accounts graphically portray the sex-for-crack exchanges, violence, and human suffering associated with this drug.
  • New Appendixes: Appendix I defines general drug terms and concepts. Appendix II details the Scheduling Provisions of the Federal Controlled Substances Act.
With twenty-three books, more than one hundred articles and chapters, and six government monographs, Dr. Inciardi is a leading authority on drugs and public policy. He is directo of the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Delaware, and has conducted research and field studies in both North and South America.