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White Rabbit
A Psychedelic Reader
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Editor(s) :
John Miller
Randall Koral
Pages :
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Edition(s) at Erowid :
Publisher :
Chronicle Books
Contributors : Miles DavisTimothy Leary
William S. BurroughsPaul Bowles
Oscar WildeJean Cocteau
Florence NightengaleAldous Huxley
Paul GauguinTerence McKenna
Nelson AlgrenSigmund Freud
Carrie FisherTerry Southern
Thomas De QuinceyPhilip K. Dick
Amos Tutuola
"Since I was stoned all the time, I tried in all ways to behave like Queen Victoria. Thus I probably appeared to be a little cracked."
-- Laurie Colwin, "The Achieve of, the Mastery of the Thing"

He ordered a light absinthe. Suddenly he flung the glass and its contents into my face. I managed to duck and grab him,... [and] a few minutes later, Vincent was in his own bed...not to awaken until morning.

When he awoke he was perfectly calm and said to me: 'My dear Gauguin, I have a dim recollection that I offended you last night.'
-- Paul Gauguin, "Drinking Absinthe with Van Gogh"

"It is drunk by the sick man as medicine at sunrise, partaking of it strengthens the limbs, preserves the legs from breaking, wards off all disease and lengthens life. The need and trouble vanish away, pinching want is driven off and flees when the inspiring one lays hold of the mortal; the poor man, in the intoxication of the Soma, feels himself rich. . . ."
-- Rig Veda, "Soma"

"Twenty-four hours later, I'm beginning to get my neocortex back (I think). Soon, I hope to be human again."
-- Jim Hogshire, "The Electric Cough Syrup Acid Test"