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Wildly Successful Plants
Northern California
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Pam Peirce
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Sasquatch Books
Northern California is Garden Heaven...and this book is about plants that can help you create that heaven. These are the plants we see every day, and that some of us take for granted. Looking past their commonness, Pam Pierce shows us that they can be the basis for gardens that are easy, beautiful, and distinctively Northern Californian.

This long-awaited resource is brimming with information that will enlighten every Northern California gardener--novice to advanced--including:
  • How to bring out the best in these easy and handsome plants
  • How to grow these plants from seeds or other starts
  • How to manage a garden with plants that spread or reseed
  • How to remove plants if they get in the way--and how to keep them out of wildlands
    Pam Peirce is an instructor of horticulture at City College of San Francico and a co-founder of the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG). She is author of the now-classic Golden Gate Gardening, and a contributor to many other gardening books including the Western Garden Book. She lives in San Francisco.

    David Goldberg is a San Francisco-based horticultural photographer.