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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of
Wine, Beer, Spirits, & Liqueurs
Rating :
Author(s) :
Stuart Walton
Brian Glover
Pages :
Pub Date :
1998, 1999
Edition(s) at Erowid :
Publisher :
Hermes House
The Definitive Reference Guide to Alcohol-based Drinks

Part One - Wine
  • take a globe-trotting tour of the world's great wine regions, from Bordeaux to Rioja, and from South Africa's Cape to Australia's Barossa Valley.
  • five principal elements to look for when tasting a wine
  • practical advice on storing and serving wine
  • how to select wines to serve with food
Part Two - Beer
  • authoritative guide to the traditions of brewing and the drinking of beer
  • discover amazing facts about the history, production and marketing of beer
  • exciting and informative journey around the world of beer, from the ancient breweries of Flanders and Bohemia, to exotic locations of the Far East and Africa and the thriving micro-breweries of the United States.
  • facts on regional brewing, with notes on the strength and taste of both popular and unusual brews
Part Three - Spirits, Liqueurs and Fortified Wines
  • definitive guide to spritis, liqueurs and fortified wines
  • includes information on nonalcoholic mixers
  • where and how each drink is made, best-known producers and brand names, ingredients, flavors and aromas, and useful serving advice
  • instructions for making more than 100 cocktails -- how to mix up a Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling or Margarita, and how to pour the perfect Martini.