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The World Is As You Dream It
Shamanic Teachings from the Amazon and Andes
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Author(s) :
John Perkins
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Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1994(pb,1st ed,fine)
Publisher :
Destiny Books
Deep in the rain forests and high in the Andes of Ecuador, native shamans teach the age-old technique of dream change, a tradition that has kept the cultures of the Otavalans, Salasacans, and Shuar alive despite centuries of conquest. Now these shamans are turning their wisdom and power to the problem of curing a new kind of illness--that created by the industrial world's dream of dominating and exploiting nature.

In this, his third book on native spirituality and ecology, John Perkins tells the story of these remarkable shamans and of the U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, and scientists who have gone with him to learn the techniques of dream change. The shamanic teachings have sparked a revolution in modern concepts about healing, the subconscious, and the powers each of us has to alter individual and communal reality.

John Perkins, an internationally acclaimed author, environmentalist, and activist, has traveled and lived in South America since 1968, first as a Peace Corps volunteer and later as a United Nations advisor. He is also the author of The Stress-Free Habit and Psychonavigation.

"The dream not only drives the action, it also guides the action. Through John Perkins's narrative we learn this truth as it is taught with special vividness by the indigenous people of South America."
-- Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth and The Universe Story

"Perkins's The World Is As You Dream It is a masterly and understanding exploration of shamanic inner thinking which is seldom so explicitly appreciated by someone from our culture."
-- Richard Evans Schultes, author of Plants of the Gods with Albert Hofmann.