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The World of Caffeine
The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug
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Bennett Alan Weinberg
Bonnie Bealer
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Caffeine, by any measure, is the world's most popular drug, easily surpassing nicotine and alcohol. Caffeine is the only addictive psychoactive substance that has overcome resistance and disapproval around the world to the extent that it is freely available almost everywhere, unregulated, sold without license, offered "over the counter" in tablet and capsule form, and even added to beverages intended for children. Over 85% of Americans use significant amounts of caffeine on a daily basis; but, despite the fact that it may be the most widely studied drug in history, very few of us know much about it.

"The alchemists of old only dreamed of turning dross into gold, but the scientists who followed them succeeded in converting caffeine into ideas. In this new information age the conversion continues at an even faster pace, and this very useful book helps us to understand how it all happened."
-- James Trager, author of The Food Chronology and The People's Chronology

"This well-researched and entertaining book, The World of Caffeine, contains a wealth of fascinating cultural anecdotes, historical information, and scientific facts which provide a unique perspective on the world's most commonly used mood-altering drug."
-- Dr. Roland Griffiths, a leading caffeine researcher, The Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine

"The World of Caffeine is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to learn the full story of the drug that helped fuel the computer revolution [and still drives the industry today]."
-- Bob Frankston, co-creator with Dan Bricklin of the VisiCalc spreadsheet