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Writing on Drugs
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Sadie Plant
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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
"A diverse and insightful look at an old relationship. It vibrates somewhere between an engaging facticity and a contact high. I had always suspected Dionysus was imbibing more than wine."
-- Spalding Gray

"Writings on Drugs tells us the source and history of drugs, ranging from Coca-cola and tobacco to Aldous Huxley's soma in Brave New World, providing informed insight into almost every topic on drugs worthy of discussion. For such a short and easy-to-read book, Plant's study contains an astounding amount of information...This book has it all."
-- Howard Marks, The Observer (London)

"A fascinating cultural quest...Plant plays the role of informed guide rather than drug-snorting advocate. As with her incredibly illuminating first book about women and technology...she balances accessibility with Intellectual rigour."
-- Tim Teeman, The Times (London)

"It is something of a relief to turn to the poised clarity with which Plant anatomises our sepcies' varied relationships with stuff that makes your head go funny...Plant is at her most dazzlingly effective when sketching the twisty little mazes which link drugs with politics and commerce."
-- Charles Shaar Murray, The Independent