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Ayahuasca: alkaloids, plants & analogs
assembled by Keeper of the Trout
Section 3 :
Ayahuasca admixtures & analogs

"Yagé is far more that a shamanic tool; it is the source of wisdom itself, the ultimate medium of knowledge for the entire society. To drink yagé is to learn. It is the vehicle by which each person acquires power and direct experience of the divine. The teachers are the yagé people, the elegant beings of the spirit's realm, the dwelling place of the shaman grandfathers. Expressing themselves only in song, the yagé people give each and every Kofán an image, a song, and a vision that become the inspiration for the designs painted on the skin. No Kofán shares the same motif or the same song. There are as many sacred melodies as there are people, and with the death of a person the song disappears.

When Schultes asked the shaman how often people drink
yagé, his response suggested that the question had no meaning."

Davis 1997

Psychotria viridis