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The Essential Psychedelic Guide
by D.M. Turner


The Doors of Perception - Aldous Huxley, 1954 HarperCollins - A psychedelic classic which describes this respected writer's first experience with mescaline in 1953. Gives the reader a glimpse of the possibilities within a psychedelic experience and provides excellent philosophical perspectives.  

The Discovery of Mushrooms that Cause Strange Visions - R. Gordon Wasson, Life Magazine, May 13 1957 - An account of how Wasson discovered the existence of psychedelic mushrooms. Includes excellent photos and a beautiful description of Wasson's first mushroom experience. Out of print.  

The Psychedelic Experience - Leary, Alpert, Metzner 1964 Citadel Press - The best guide book I've seen for the psychedelic experience. This is a psychedelic adaptation of an Eastern spiritual text, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Written by three psychedelic pioneers in the early days of the psychedelic revolution.  

InfoPsychology - Tim Leary, 1977/1987 Falcon Press - An excellent description of the evolution of consciousness, which can be applied to either an individual or entire species. Very applicable to understanding the modes of consciousness attainable through psychedelics. The eight circuit model of consciousness Leary defines here has been adopted by Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Ali, etc.  

Plants of the Gods - Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes, 1979 Healing Arts Press - Short accounts on the historic use of several hallucinogenic plants from around the world. Excellent for giving the reader a long-term perspective on the plants which have intrigued humans for millennia.  

Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson, 1983 Falcon Press - Nearly all of RAW's books, from Sci-Fi novels to philosophical discourses, offer interesting perspectives for the psychedelicized thinker, excellent humor as well. I find this book on consciousness/ will development to be one of his best.  

Notes From the Underground - Gracie and Zarkov, 1985 - This unpublished manuscript is distributed throughout the psychedelic underground. It contains some excellent material not available elsewhere, particularly the chapters on Harmala-containing plants and DMT. Available from: Rosetta P.O. Box 4611, Berkeley, CA. 94704.  

PIHKAL - Alexander & Ann Shulgin, 1991 Transform Press - Shulgin has been one of the great pioneers of psychedelics for some 30 years. As a chemist he has invented over 200 psychedelic compounds. PIHKAL gives the chemical formula and description of effects for 179 compounds. The first half of the book is written as a novel describing the experiences of two psychedelic explorers.  

Psychedelics Encyclopedia - Peter Stafford, 1991 Ronin Publishing - Now in its 3rd edition, this encyclopedia contains 420pp of information on a wide variety of psychedelics, a must for any psychedelic library.  

Food of the Gods - Terence McKenna, 1992 Bantam Books - McKenna's theories on the role of psilocybin mushrooms and other plants that have affected human minds for thousands of years.  

The Holotropic Mind - Stanislav Grof with Hal Zina Bennett, 1993 HarperCollins - Psychologist Stan Grof has administered numerous psychedelic therapy sessions, beginning in the late Fifties and continuing in Europe after psychedelic research was made illegal in the U.S. He has also developed a method for entering non-ordinary consciousness called Holotropic Breathwork. In The Holotropic Mind Grof has amassed an impressive and wide-ranging collection of people's experiences of expanded consciousness, and through this has developed a comprehensive map of this domain.  

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