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Mushroom Pioneers
by John W. Allen
A Bibliography of R. Gordon Wasson

With Some Annotations

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Letters written to the editor regarding this special issue which appeared in the June 3, 1957 issue of Life. The international edition is dated June 10, 1957. (For letters written in response to the above noted article see Carpenter, 1957; Lee, 1957, Ross, 1957, Rowley, 1957; Snyder, 1957; and Stokes, 1957).

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A Spanish version of above entry. June 3.

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French translation of the May 13, 1957 article "Seeking the magic mushroom."

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R. Gordon Wasson's journal report on the use of entheogenic mushrooms in primitive societies and his interpretation and description of their overwhelming effects on one's soul.

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Three reports concerning the effects caused after the accidental ingestion of entheogenic mushrooms which occurred in Poland, Colorado, and the Fiji Islands. These effects are reported by three individuals who read R. Gordon Wasson's article in Life magazine (May 13, 1957).

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Appended to this article is a list of psilocybian fungi from México; including three other non-psychoactive species which are reportedly used ceremoniously as well as the auditory hallucination producing puffballs.

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In a letter to Robert Graves, R. Gordon Wasson reports on the presence of Psilocybe cubensis "in the Philippine [Islands] where it is not eaten [by native peoples]."

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Professor Kuiper's review is in the same issue.

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Letter to the editor.

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This article has been edited from several of Wasson's previously published papers describing his rediscovery of the sacred Mexican mushrooms.

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R. Gordon Wasson retraces the history of the sacred magic mushrooms during the pre-Columbian conquest and their present-day use in Mesoamerica.

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See separate entries by Alexander H. Smith, Jonathan Ott, and Rolf Singer regarding related papers.

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See next entry.

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See next entry.

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A second printing offers corrections and addenda with more new listings.

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Extracts of a mushroom ceremony recorded in Huautla de Jiménez.

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This article, originally published in a Boston Newspaper magazine which appeared in eastern Sunday editions of local newspapers. The article, written by R. Gordon Wasson's wife Valentina, describes her experience eating the sacred mushrooms. This was the first mushroom intoxication outside and away from an official ceremony. Gordon's daughter Masha also took part in the mushroom velada. Also in: Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady: Women's Writings on the Drug Experience:182-186. Compiled by C. Palmer and M. Horowitz. William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York and London.

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Limited to 512 numbered copies. Two are numbered A and B. Others are from 1-510.

------ and ------. 1958. (Mag.). The hallucinogenic mushrooms. Garden Journal:1-5, 31. January.
An historical critique in which the Wassons describe worldwide attitudes concerning four centuries of mushroom use in Mesoamerica.

A complete listing of the Wasson's research and collected data papers can be found at: