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Psychedelic Healing
by Neal Goldsmith
Healing Arts Press 
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Reviewed by Bruce Sewick, 4/18/2011

Neal’s book Psychedelic Healing is a roadmap with a destination of the integration of Psychedelics into society. Along the way, Neal works to remove roadblocks preventing this, starting with the philosophical shift from psychology to psycheology weaving the soul (psyche is Greek for soul) back into the study of the core self.

Neal shares his personal experiences with psychedelics as an example of how psychedelics can be a path to transformation. He feels that despite chemical applications of psychedelics as medicine, it is the use of psychedelics as a sacrament that will impact society as a whole: “Psychedelics have the potential to bring science and spirituality into realignment and return us to our healthiest psychospiritual roots.”

The last part of Neal’s book gives the reader direction. He gives information on how to go about changing the drug laws and provides informational resources (including how to deal with psychedelic emergencies).

I found this book to be the ideal combination of facts, personal experiences and most importantly, hope for the future of psychedelics. Their time has come and Neal tells us why and how to make that happen.

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