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Song of Mukhomor
Take a fascinating journey into the world of a Kamchatka shaman
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Director(s) :
Tom Stimson
Length :
24 min
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid : 1999(vhs)
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Song of Mukhomor is a short collection of images and narration from a trip to the Kamchatka penninsula in Russia by Tom Stimson, Gary Lincoff, and Manny Salzman. It's main focus is two shaman women, their traditional song and dance, and some brief discussion of Amanita muscaria including footage of Amanita muscaria in the wild, their drying technique etc.

The video is good quality amateur video, with the voice-over unfortunately somewhat muffled. It includes some nice landscape and scenery filming. Our primary criticism is that we wish there were more to the's rather short and left us feeling that we hadn't quite gotten to the heart of the topic. More like an appetizer than a main course. But the video is interesting as it's the only one we know of to reference traditional shamanic use of Amanita muscaria.