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Diazepam (Valium)
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Valium #
Color photo of two white 5 mg Valium tablets bearing the imprint "5/VALIUM || ROCHE". [USA]
Photo by RhiNO, © 2005
Color photo of two Mexican 10 mg Valium tablets bearing the imprint "ROCHE / 10". [USA]
Photo by C. Whisky, © 2005
Color photo showing the front and back of a blister pack of 10 mg Valium tablets from a Mexican pharmacy.
Photo by Anonymous Photographer, © 2000 Erowid.
A collection of 10 mg European Valium tablets by Roche, with the imprint "ROCHE 10". [Argentina]
Photo by Cynosure. © 2006
Photo showing 10 mg Valium tablets from India bearing the imprint "VALIUM / 10". [CA, USA]
Photo by Boris B., © 2005
Color photo of two Diazepam tablets (5 & 10 mg) produced by Roche Pharmaceuticals, bearing the imprints "ROCHE 5" and "ROCHE 10". [France]
Photo by Arecibo. © 2006
Generic Diazepam #
10 mg Mano brand diazepam tablets. [Thailand]
Photo by Murple. © 2006
A small pile of green generic 10 mg diazepam tablets with the imprint "MYLAN 477". [NC, USA]
Photo by Colin. © 2006
A pile of blue diazepam tablets on a black background. Each tablet contains 10mg of diazepam. Tablets are marked with a APO | 10. [Canada]
Photo by Knowledge. © 2014
Liquid #
Vial of DBL brand diazepam solution for injection. 10 mg/2ml for iv use only. [Australia]
Photo by NightLight. © 2010
A box of 5 Valium 10 mg ampoules used for injection. [Switzerland]
Photo by Eldopa. © 2006
Color photo of a bottle of Psychopax brand liquid diazepam. [Austria]
Photo by mindperformer, © 2005 Erowid.
Advertisements #
Color photo of a 1993 Valium advertisement from a magazine "Do Not Substitute"
Photo by Anonymous Contributor.
Molecules #
Still 2D image of the Diazepam molecule.
Image by Erowid, © 2006
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