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1916 Oxycodone was first synthesized in Germany as a semi-synthetic derivative of thebaine. 1  
1917 Oxycodone is first introduced into clinical practice in Germany under the brand name Eukodal. 2, 3  
1920s Reports first surface of Oxycodone causing "euphoric highs" in patients.    [More Info]
1950 Percodan (oxycodone and aspirin combo) is first launched by Endo Pharmaceutical.    [More Info]
1960 The United Nation Office on Drug and Crime includes oxycodone in the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Ordinance.   
1971 Percocet (oxycodone and acetaminophen combo) is first launched by Endo Pharmaceutical.    [More Info]
1995 The FDA approves a higher-dose time-release form of Oxycodone under the brand name OxyContin, owned by Purdue Pharma.   
1996 OxyContin becomes publicly available. Recreational use and abuse of oxycodone increases.   
2001 OxyContin faces significant national media attention in the U.S. because of increases in recreational use and abuse.   

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