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Archived Images #
Acacia berlandieri #
A small potted Acacia berlandieri plant grown from seeds.
Photo by Mindperformer. © 2006
Acacia complanata #
Color photo of branch and yellow berries of Acacia complanata.
Acacia longifolia (Golden Wattle) #
Color photo close-up of branch and flowers.
Color photo of a large bush.
Acacia maidenii (Maiden's Wattle) #
Beautiful closeup photo of an Acacia maidenii flower. [NSW, Australia]
Submitted by Wandjina Gardens. © 2006
Color photo of an A. maidenii plant.
Color photo of an A. maidenii herbarium display by the Botanical Preservation Corps, Palenque Mexico.
Photo by Freeblood, © 2000
Acacia obtusifolia (Stiff Leaf Wattle) #
Acacia obtusifolia seedling grown from wild collected seed. Seeds were nicked with a scalpel blade and soaked in tepid water overnight until swollen then planted in a free draining composted pine bark mix. Germination complete in 2 weeks. [NE NSW, Australia]
Photo by Reville. © 2006
Closeup photo showing the foliage of a cultivated Acacia obtusifolia specimen. [Australia]
Photo by Zariat. © 2006
Closeup photo showing the bark of a cultivated specimen of Acacia obtusifolia. [Australia]
Photo by Zariat. © 2006
Closeup photo showing a single Acacia obtusifolia flower from an Australian specimen in cultivation. [Australia]
Photo by Zariat. © 2006
Acacia phlebophylla (Buffalo Sallow Wattle) #
Photo showing the leaves and branches of a small Acacia phlebophylla tree. [Vic, Australia]
Photo by Wandjina Gardens. © 2006
Closeup photo of two Acacia phlebophylla seedpods. [Australia (Victoria)]
Photo by Wandjina Gardens. © 2006
Close-up showing an Acacia phlebophylla seedling. [Australia]
Photo by © 2009
Acacia phlebophylla seeds & pod in a hand. [VIC, Australia]
Photo by Wandjina Gardens. © 2008
Submissions and Credits #
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