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Booted Amanita
(A. cothurnata or A. pantherina var. multisquamosa)

amanita_cothurnata.jpg DESCRIPTION:
A. cothurnata is white often with a yellowish center and has white spots. It's margin is somewhat radially lined. Its Cap is 2.5-10 cm (1-4") in diameter, hemispherical to convex, becoming nearly flat to somewhat sunken; Its surface is slightly sticky but smooth. The whitish universal veil will entirely cover the youngest mushrooms, form whitish spots or warts on mature mushrooms, and may eventually wash or wear off with age.

The Stalk is 5-13 cm (2-5"), usually smooth above the ring and sometimes scaly below. It is .5-1.5 cm (1/8 - 5/8") in diameter, narrowing slightly towards the cap with a oval to round basal bulb. The stalk is wooly to scaly and whitish.

The Universal Veil which causes the whitish spots on the cap also foms a bandlike, rolled margin, or free rim at the top of the bulb. The Partial Veil is membranous and white; leaving pendant ring on upper or mid-stalk.

Gills are free to crowded, moderately broad and white.

Spore Print is white. Spores are 8.7-11.8 x 6.3-8.7 microns, round to elliptical, smooth, colorless, and nonamyloid.

On the ground, in oak, oak-pine, and pine woods.

New York to Florida, west to Michigan.

July - October.

This species is alternately known as a variety of A. pantherina.