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Betel Nut
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Areca catechu Nuts (Betel Nut) #
Green Areca catechu seeds/nuts, also sometimes called "Betel Nuts" because they are often wrapped in leaves of the Betel plant when chewed. [HI, USA]
Photo by Justin Myers. © 2012
Areca catechu nut prepared for chewing with mineral lime and betel leaf. [North Thailand]
Photo by Nat Brillo. © 2007
Color photo of five whole Areca catechu nuts.
Photo by Kon. © 2007
Close-up of a single fresh Areca catechu nut. [Taiwan]
Photo by Stuart J. © 2007
Areca catechu nut wrapped in Betel leaf. [Taiwan]
Photo by Stuart J. © 2007
Color photo of a pile of shredded Betel nut. The material is old and slightly moldy. (Berkeley, CA)
Photo by Erowid, © 2000
Color photo of a pile of Betel nut chunks.
Photo by Erowid, © 2000
Color photo of both whole and crushed betel nuts on a plate.
Photo by Murple, © 2000
Areca catechu Tree #
Color photo of a young blossoming Betel Palm with ripe fruits present. (Thai Island of Koh Samui)
Photo by John W. Allen. Used by Erowid with permission.
Color drawing of tree, nut, and flower.
From Kohler's Medicinal Plants. Missouri Botanical Garden.
Color photo of A. catechu tree.
Photo by Thomas Schoepke from
Small color drawing of A. catechu tree.
Artist Unknown
Betel Nut Hardware #
Color scan of an antique Betel Nut cracker from Thailand, along with both whole and cracked nuts.
Photo by Murple, © 2001
Botanical Drawings #
Color botanical drawing of Areca catechu.
Artist Unknown. © 2006
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