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One way or the other
it all goes up in smoke

Part of a larger issue on Marijuana
in Life magazine
Oct 31, 1969. 25-35

At many parties, casual marijuana smoking simply replaces social drinking.
In suburban Boston (upper right) a group of middle-aged business and professional
people light up after dinner. In New Orleans (above) the occasion is a garden
pot party on Sunday afternoon.

Operation Intecept, the U.S. Customs crack-down on smuggling through popular Mexican border points,
outraged thousands of tourists and yeilded little marijuana. Now the pressure has shifted to open
stretches of the border where the big hauls are made. [On the left] a 500 poound cache of confiscated
marijuana is removed from a warehouse-like storage vault in San Diego, then burned in the raging furnace (right),
one kil-brick at a time.