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From: (Peter Jordan)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Woodrose vs Ipomoea
Date: 1 Oct 1994 21:37:46 GMT
Message-ID: <36kkra$>

[quoted text deleted -cak]

				LAA%	Total Alks. % by weight

Hawaiian baby wood rose:	0.04	0.30
Ololiuqui:			0.02	0.04
Heavenly Blue:			0.01	0.02
Pearly Gates:			0.02	0.03
Wedding Bells:			0.01	0.03

	Taken from :
Isolation and Identification of Lysergic Acid Amide and Isolysergic Acid
Amide as the Principal Ergoline Alkaloids in _Argyreia nervosa_, a tropical
wood rose. Michael D. Miller (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (cool
how do I get his job?). Journal of the AOAC, vol 53(1):123-7, 1970.

Major Alkaloid Content in the seeds of A. nervosa(Burm. f.) Bojer

[snip]			% of Total alkaloid	% dry seed weight
Ergine				22.68		0.136
Isoergine			31.36		0.188
Ergometrine			 8.20		0.049
Lys. alpha-OH-ethylamide	 5.79		0.035
IsoLys. ||			 3.98		0.024

Taken from:

Ergoline Alkaloidal Constituents of Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose, _Argyreia
nervosa_ (Burm. f.) Bojer. Jew-Ming Chao and Ara H. Der Marderosian.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 62(4):588-91. 1973.


All these alkaloids listed here can be hydrolysed into Lysergic Acid.
This will also racemate it, but so what, according to this chart
the iso form is more predominant anyway, racemization should thus 
produce more of the biol. active form. Also, isolation of the iso form
(chromatography) followed by racemization will give still more active stuff,
but probably not worth the trouble. NOTE: hydrolysis should only be done
if the goal is to make LSD, Lysergic acid by itself has little/no 
psychedelic properties (?). 
	At 0.136% dry weight ergine, then to get a good hit (
assuming ergine is 1/10 potency of LSD) we need 100 ug x 10 = 1 mg ergine.
Thus we need 1/1.36 g of seeds for one good hit (assuming the other
alkaloids don't make you fucking sick) or 0.74 grams of HBWR seeds.

Note: the fuzzy coating on the outside contains cyanogenic glycosides
which can make you really sick if you eat enough (same kind of stuff in 
apple seeds).

			Peter J.