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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Legal Status
by Erowid
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Argyreia nervosa
Not Approved For
Human Consumption
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is not a controlled plant in the United States. Both the live plants and the seeds are commonly sold by botanical supply companies. However, it is important to know that one of the chemicals contained in the seeds, LSA, is Schedule III in the U.S. Practically, this means that if an extraction is done on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, the resulting LSA is illegal to possess. We are unaware of any cases in which an individual has been prosecuted simply for growing a plant or for doing a home extraction of a plant, although it seems possible that a few such cases exist. Large scale (especially commercial) extraction of LSA from H.B. Woodrose seeds begins to fall into the realm of "clearly illegal" and would certainly be difficult to defend.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose appears to be legal to buy, sell, and possess in most countries.

Australia #
It is illegal to import or export Argyreia nervosa seeds from Australia (Customs Act 1901, Regulations, Schedule 4; and Schedule 8 export regulations). Possession of seeds may be illegal under the Standard for the uniform scheduling of drugs and poisons, Schedule 9. Treated seeds (which may still contain LSA) are excluded (Appendix A) and are legal to trade and possess. Consumption of LSA containing materials such as hawaiian baby woodrose seeds is prohibited under state legislation in most Australian states. (thanks DM)
Brazil #
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is not controlled in Brazil. (thanks P)
Canada #
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is not listed as controlled under Canadian law, nor is LSA listed as a controlled substance. HBW seeds and plants should be free to buy, sell, and possess in Canada. (thanks t) (last updated Oct 27, 2013)
Germany #
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is not controlled in Germany. (thanks Rumpel)
Italy #
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are listed as controlled narcotic drugs in Italy. (Health Ministry Decree, 25 Sept 2007) (thanks SD, M)
Poland #
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is controlled in Poland under the latin name Argyreia nervosa. See$file/1547.pdf. (thanks scbc) (last updated May 10, 2013)
Russia #
In April 2009, Argyreia nervosa was banned along with Spice and related products, Salvia divinorum, Nymphae caerulea and others. See (last updated April 15 2009)
Sweden #
The plants, seeds, and extracts of A. nervosa ('Elefantvinda') are not controlled in Sweden. (thanks e) (last updated apr 26 2010)
United Kingdom (UK, Great Britain) #
LSA-containng plants such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose are uncontrolled in the United Kingdom. Plants, seeds, and instructions for how to grow them are legally available as decorative plants. (thanks R, g) (last updated May 23, 2014)
If you have information about this material being illegal in any country, please let us know.

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