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Pharmacotheon Excerpt on Kratom
Jonathan Ott
Mitragyna speciosa: Leaves of this plant, as kratom, are used as an "opium substitute" in southeast Asia, and it has been suggested to be entheogenic, in part based on content of indole alkaloids like mitragynine (Emboden 1979; Harrison McKenna 1989; Jansen & Prast 1988a; Jansen & Prast 1988b). Whole leaves of kratom are stimulating while mitragynine is a depressant (Shellard 1989), suggesting the pharmacological importance of secondary alkaloids. Further studies are needed to clarify kratom ethnopharmacognosy. Kratom or gra-tom is used as a stimulant and antidiarrheal in Thai ethnomedicine (Ponglux et al. 1989). Four African species of Mitragyna were devoid of mitragynine, but rich in other alkaloids (Shellard 1983).

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