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Psychoactive Lotus / Lily
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Nymphaea nouchali v. caerulea (Blue Lotus; Nymphaea caerulea) #
Beautiful photo showing a positively identified single N. nouchali v. Caerulea flower and leaf. [QLD, Australia]
Photo by Wandjina Gardens. © 2007
Closeup of a single open flower of Nymphaea colorata. [Australia]
Photo by Strangebrew. © 2007
A single Nymphaea nouchali v. caerulea (Blue lotus), in September. [Goa, India]
Photo by Miluschka. © 2007
A large groups of Nymphaea nouchali v. caerulea flowers and pads in a lake [Australia]
Photo by Audacia. © 2007
Color photo of blue lotus flower growing in water.
Photo by Ian Clayton.
Color photo of a bag of commercially sold dried blue lotus.
Photo by Erowid, © 2004
Nelumbo nucifera #
Nelumbo nucufera seeds, picked from a small pond in Nepal [Nepal]
Photo by Mr Big Cookies. © 2007
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