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From: (J.L. Long)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: HBWR seeds
Date: 10 Jun 1994 05:11:37 GMT

[quoted text deleted -cak]

Morning Glory's are really weed-like vines (I believe another common name is 
pigweed, and have heard that a chopped vine can grow into a new plant from 
as little as a 3/4in length). I know of a few places around the city where it 
grows wild or semi-wild (at least sidewalk accessible), and have collected a 
good number of capsules the 2-3 times I strolled past.  Some weevils lay their 
eggs in the flowers; when the insect matures (inside the capsule), it cuts out 
a small (3mm dia.) perfectly circular hole to escape.  These seeds are now
approximately 3 years old (I collect more seeds than I have time to care for 
(70-80 plants)), but I sprouted some of the Morning Glory a couple months ago 
with a fairly good germination rate (~75%).  However, overly-humid conditions 
caused rotting and their demise.