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Simple Lemon Juice Extraction and Employment of Harmala from Syrian Rue
by Inky, CU
Collected, edited, published by Erowid
September 1995

Inky's Simple Extraction and Employment of Harmala from Syrian Rue

  1. grind 30g Syrian Rues seeds to fine powder in a coffee grinder
  2. add 1 lemon ball of lemon juice to a iron or stainless steel pot
  3. sprinkle the product from step 1 onto the lemon juice
  4. add 750 ml (1 green glass bottle) San Pellegrino sparkeling mineral water
  5. bring to a boil with stirring, leaving cover on when not stiring
  6. turn heat off after boiiling
  7. repeat steps 5 and 6 to taste (i usally take 2 hours for about 8 cycles)
  8. filter the solution back into the San Pellegrino bottle

  1. pour between 200-300 mls of SRSP solution into a mason jar
  2. pour doles tropical fruits punch leaving room to add
  3. sprite; add to top off mason jar (the bubbles and colors are fascinating even even before tripping.)
  4. drink slightly more than 1/3 (one third) of the SRSP solution mix about 320-40 before ingesting substance (my only experience is with shrooms and x.)
  5. finish off the mason jar during lunch, i mean launch, leaving about 100 mls in the mason jar. pour in the rest of the sprite to the mason jar and enjoy t the color and bubbles

  1. Djarum Internationals (cloves that come in a red 'tin', my abs fav) can be well dipped in the SRSP solution (not the SRSP solution mix) and enjoyed while tripping for its very pleasure, and low level MAO inhibtion (I smoke these when ever I go out. no adverse reaction in myself to smoking these (up to 10) while rolling on two hits.

  1. I have found that when i do combine shrooms with this mix, not only does it potentiate the trip, it changes it q qQualitatively for me, one possible adjecti i could use is that it gives my an inkling that i'm experiencing 'ancientness' very hard to put a finger on it.

Comments by Collectively Unconscious
Lemon juice contains citric and ascorbic acids, with sugar and traces of other stuff (bioflavinoids, etc). Citrates, acetates and chlorides are all good at extracting the alkaloids of interest. The lemon juice has the advantage of being milder on you than lab grade acids, so there isn't any need to worry about neutralizing any excess acid. Personally, I add water and more sugar for Lemon Rue Aid. No negative gut reaction at all.