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Jaw Tension Relief Techniques
by Erowid

Trisma & bruxia (jaw clamping and teeth grindings) are common side effects of many stimulants and psychedelic drugs as well as side effects of non-drug-related stress. Users of MDMA, LSD, 2CB, ephedrine, caffeine, amphetamines, and many other chemicals report uncomfortable levels of jaw tension. The following is a list of remedies that some people find effective. The dangers of trisma and bruxia are wearing down, cracking, and breaking teeth, which has been documented in heavy users of MDMA.

Drink Water
Many people report that drinking water, making sure that the body is adequately hydrated, can help reduce jaw tension.

A technique recommended by some dentists for patients with chronic jaw clamping problems is to press the tongue against the inside of the front, upper teeth and then drop the lower jaw slightly.

Chew Toy
Having something soft but resilient to hold between the teeth to keep them from grinding. Dentists prescribe "night guards" which are similar to sports plastic mouth guards. These are extremely effective at stopping tooth wear from heavy jaw tension, but somewhat awkward for parties. ChewToys can be as simple as a piece of thick leather on a string, a pacifier, or the edge of a thick piece of clothing. Pencils, pens, and many other items are not ideal because they can splinter or leave residue in the mouth.

Chewing Gum or Hard Candy
Using gum as a way to keep the jaw moving and loose and keeping the teeth from grinding is a long standing and functional technique. Similarly, some people find that sucking on a piece of hard candy helps reduce teeth grinding.

Massaging the point where the cheek muscles attach to the jaw just in front of the ear can help relieve accumulated tension.

Some dentists recommend clenching the back teeth very firmly 3 times for 10 seconds each time and then opening the mouth wide to stretch. Focus on relaxing for 30 seconds after clenching as a way to reduce chronic jaw tension. If this doesn't work, do not repeat as its likely to make the problem worse if you repeat too often.

Reduced Dosage
Many side effects from stimulants become worse with increased dosage, lower dosages or refraining from use of stimulants can reduce jaw tension.

Essential Oils
Some users report that putting certain essential oils (Lavendar Oil) dabbed on their jaw creates a scent which relaxes their muscles.

Regular Stretching
Regular stretching of the face and jaw muscles can help keep them from locking up and becoming uncomfortable, this should be done before, during, and after any stimulant use.

There has been discussion around the possibility that Calicium and Magnesium supplements can help promote ion channel flow in muscles. Some users report significant reduction in muscle tension and jaw clenching when these supplements are taken in combination with MDMA, 2C-T-7 and methamphetamine.