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Drugs That Have Been Removed from Control under U.S. Federal Law
(only drugs that were completely descheduled)
by Erowid
v1.0 - Mar 8, 2011
The following table is a compilation of every drug/substance that has at one time been controlled under the U.S. Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and was then subsequently removed from control. Some of these, like naloxone, were scheduled on the basis of their chemistry alone (it's a derivative of Schedule II thebaine) and were decontrolled after HHS analysis showed they had no abuse potential. Others did not move from temporary to permanent scheduling because an HHS scientific evaluation failed to show abuse potential, leading to expiration of the temporary scheduling action. Oor, with MDMA, the drug was rescheduled after initial decontrol, despite a complex administrative law process.

A few were removed from control and then later controlled again, such as Fenfluramine, MDMA, and Butorphanol. This table is derived from the DEA's Chronology of Scheduling Actions:

Substance Published FR Citation Effective CSA Schedule
NALOXONE HCl09-29-7136 FR 191169-29-71 II -> 0
NALOXONE 12-24-7439 FR 4439212-24-74II -> 0
NALTREXONE03-06-7540 FR 104553-6-75 II -> 0
APOMORPHINE06-28-7641 FR 265686-28-76 I -> 0
DEXTRORPHAN10-01-7641 FR 4340110-1-76 II -> 0
NALBUPHINE10-01-7641 FR 4340110-1-76 II -> 0
LOPERAMIDE11-03-8247 FR 4984011-3-82 V -> 0
NALMEFENE11-04-8550 FR 4581511-4-85 II -> 0
MDMA01-27-8853 FR 22251-27-88I -> 0
But later...   02-22-8853 FR 51563-23-88back to I
PROPYLHEXEDRINE12-03-9156 FR 6137212-3-91 V -> 0
FENFLURAMINE05-06-97---- IV -> 0
But later...   05-15-0368FR262475-15-03 back to IV, withdrew the 1997 proposed rule
BUTORPHANOL (thebaine derived)07-14-9257FR311267-14-92 II -> 0
But later...   10-01-9762FR5137010-31-97placed in IV
TFMPP03-18-0469 FR 1279403-19-04I --> 0
(expired 11-29-86)
I -> 0
(expired 11-29-86)
I -> 0
(expired 5-29-87)
I -> 0
* : Temporarily Scheduled under 21 USC 811(h)
** : Extension of temporary control