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Australian Drug Foundation
The Australian Drug Foundation's Drug Info is an index of neutrally worded, plain information pages on various drug types. Good.

Center for Information on Drugs and Alcohol : Drug Index Fact Sheets
A collection of well worded, accurate, and very neutral data sheets on a variety of drugs. Frames discussion in terms of information and harm reduction. Very Good.

CNOA (California Narcotic Officers Association)
This section of the CNOA site contains a couple of position papers, one on why Marijuana is Not Medicine and another about why Drug Legalization is wrong. Standard administrative anti-freedom, anti-choice, pro-government-knows-best, drug-users are bad people, drug legalization groups are completely evil, etc etc.

Completely discounts and disregards all statistics that suggest the Drug War isnt working and suggests that more enforcement (surprise!) is the right way to further help our society. Nightmarishly one sided.

CESAR: Center for Drug Abuse Research
CESAR's drug information is skimpy and way too general. Definitely not a particularly useful or comprehensive source for substance information. However, their list of related links is interesting and useful.

The DARE site seems to be entirely self-promotional. What little actual information there is is almost impossible to find. Everything is skewed to promote "DARE". The site doesn't really mention the controversy over DARE's effectiveness. Entirely one sided.

The DEA site does a reasonable job of trying to present the basic facts about drugs. There are a few examples of scare tactics, the information is somewhat negatively framed, and occasionally they let a bit of moralistic attitude slip in, but otherwise this is a reasonable site.

Freevibe [Full Review]
Sponsored by ABC, the Freevibe site is nicely layed out but horrendously one-sided in its presentation of information. They use some of the worst scare tactics and exaggeration that we've seen.

Drugs Info File, by Dr. Miriam Stoppard
This British site looks at drug information from a reasonable viewpoint, that if people are going to choose to use psychoactive drugs, they should be educated about those substances in order to reduce the possible risks. Unfortunately, their drug information has some factual errors, although they have improved in the last couple years. There are some interesting articles and snippets on this site. They deserve a B+ for effort, but a C+ for accuracy.

Life Education Network (defunct)
Defunct, domain sold in the late 2000s, the Life Education Network had yet another "Anti-Drug" index of drugs with selective listing of only negative effects. A laughable site written by people who have no idea what they are talking about. One example, they misunderstand "anorexia" as a description of one of MDMA's effects. "Anorexia" is a word used in some of the research on MDMA, it is a technical term meaning strong appetite suppression during the peak effects of the drug and does not refer to long term eating disorders. This is a common misunderstanding by people who have no expertise in the field. We are not aware of a single anecdote or any research evidence to suggest that MDMA has ever caused long term anorexia in anyone. If we are wrong, please let us know.

Provides sketchy and alarmist information about various categories of drugs. Includes "Death" as a long term effect for most of the categories. Repeats fatuous rumors and myths in an attempt to scare off users.

But What About the Children? Campaign
Strangely named without irony, the "But What about the Children? Campaign" site is a set of comments and statements organized around the idea of stopping cannabis legalization.

National Families in Action
The NFIA site offers entirely negatively framed information. It exaggerates the negative effects of most drugs and diminishes any positive uses, but otherwise is mostly accurate. This is a fairly non-moralistic site. Provides few references.

No moralizing. Discusses only negative effects. May confuse uninformed readers by listing side effects which only occur from being stoned all waking hours. No blatantly false information.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
NIDA is one of the largest US government organizations devoted to backing Prohibition with "science". Unfortunately their 'results' are highly political and moral and their 'science' is not to be trusted. The good information is surrounded by scare tatics and entirely negatively framed info. They entirely refute any claims of even commonly accepted benefits from drugs. Provides access to many NIDA studies.

Parnership for a Drug Free America (PDFA)
The Parternship for a Drug Free America changed its name for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Their site has become surprisingly good. Only slightly negatively framed. Drug info copied primarily from DEA & NIDA. Contains some good information, though few sources and is decidedly non-judgemental. They are willing to acknowledge the positive effects and the long history of the use of drugs. Much identical text to the NIDA site...sections well chosen to avoid the worst of NIDA.

Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau
A collection of anti-drug videos in English. High bandwidth required. (formerly Publisher Group) : Drugs of Abuse [Full Review]
Information about a wider range of psychedelics than most of the other prohibitions sites. Their information is generally accurate though they occasionally succumb to spreading unsupported rumors.

Teen Challenge
This site covers a moderate number of drugs. The information is interesting and quite accurate. They avoid most moral arguements and are quite fair in their portrayals of the effects and hazards of most drugs. Quite nice.

Their front page has java, flash, sound, and crashes both MSIE & Netscape with regularity.