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Over 100 Years of National Drug Related Headlines
by Brian C. Bennett
v1.0 - Nov 2006
Originally published at "truth: the Anti-drugwar"
Citation:   Bennett B. "Over 100 Years of National Drug Related Headlines." . Accessed Feb 1, 2007;
This is simply a very long list of drug related headlines from the past century or so that I've tracked down. To see them in more coherent contexts, please visit my main drug war history page, and the excerpts pages I've been building from them to show how the drug war is just the exact same nonsense being repeated over and over again (literally) for the past century.

Headline Publication Issue Date
In an opium smuggler Overland Jan 1891
Vote against the opium revenue Spectator Apr 18, 1891
Opium resolution; cultivation of the poppy in India should be discouraged 19th Century Jun 1891
Letter to the opium commission on the use of opium in China 19th Century Jun 1891
Opium smuggling in India Blackw May 1892
Opium and its votaries Review of Reviews Jun 1892
British opium trade in Asia Review of Reviews Sep 1892
Insomnia and recent hypnotics North American Jan 1893
Consciousness under the influence of Cannabis Indica Science Oct 27, 1893
Contemporary celebrities and Vin Mariani; advertisement Harper's Weekly Oct 28, 1893
Lotos eaters; use of opium in India 19th Century Mar 1894
Hachisch eating Cornhill May 1894
Reports on opium and hemp Spectator Apr 27, 1895
Use of cocaine on the race-track Scientific American May 4, 1895
British opium question Nation Jun 27, 1895
Personal reminiscences touching opium smoking Blackw Apr 1896
Mescal: a new artificial paradise Smithson Rept 1897
Opium industry in America Scientific American Mar 5, 1898
Report of the opium commission Contemp Jul 1898
Opium suicides in China Missionary Review Feb 1900
Drugs and intoxicants Independent Apr 26, 1900
Drugs and character Independent May 3, 1900
Opium production in Persia Scientific American May 19, 1900
Production of ipecacuanha Scientific American Aug 18, 1900
Cocaine analgesia of the spinal cord Popular Science Jul 1901
Some narcotic plants Scientific American Oct 12, 1901
Mescal: a study of a divine plant Popular Science May 1902
Chinese drugs and medicinal plants Scientific American Aug 30, 1902
Adulteration of drugs U.S. Dept Agr. Yrbook 1903
Cultivation of drug plants in the United States U.S. Dept Agr. Yrbook 1903
Unexpected results from taking drugs Current Literature Jan 1903
War on the traffic Missionary Review Aug 1903
Modern life and sedatives Living Age Aug 29, 1903
Opium traffic in the Phillipines Nation Oct 1, 1903
In the land of opium Scientific American Jan 2, 1904
Raising drug plants Scientific American Dec 17, 1904
Progress in drug plant cultivation U.S. Dept Agr. Yrbook 1905
Opium and human nature Outlook Mar 4, 1905
Pills and potions Scientific American Dec 30, 1905
Creating customers for dangerous drugs Outlook Apr 7, 1906
Government ownership of the opium trade in the Dutch colonies Review of Reviews Jun 1906
India and the opium trade in the Far East Review of Reviews Sep 1906
Prohibiting the traffic in China Nation Oct 18, 1906
Need and testing of pure drugs Scientific American Oct 20, 1906
Gambling with medicines Independent Oct 25, 1906
Manual of pharmacology (book review) Nature Nov 1, 1906
Opium in China Outlook Nov 3, 1906
Why headache remedies are dangerous Ladie's Home Journal Feb 1907
China's present relation to the opium traffic Missionary Review Feb 1907
New way to kill pain Harper's Weekly Feb 2, 1907
Opium industry Scientific American Mar 9, 1907
Hull house war on cocaine Char Mar 9, 1907
Making of medicines Harper's Apr 1907
Worry drugs and drink Canadian Monthly Apr 1907
Snuffing out the cocaine fiend Conf Char and Correc Apr 13, 1907
Drug abuses, their effects on the people Popular Science May 1907
Opium trade in the Dutch East Indies American Journal of Sociology Jul 1907
Opium monopoly in Formosa Outlook Jul 27, 1907
Effects produced by drugs Independent Aug 22, 1907
Druggists and drug victims Independent Oct 3, 1907
New weapon against cocaine Char Nov 16, 1907
Opium edict and alcohol in China 19th Century Dec 1907
First international congress for the repression of adulteration etc (look up) Science Mar 20, 1908
Edict against opium in China Independent Apr 23, 1908
Real self and drugs Everybody's May 1908
War on opium Review of Reviews May 1908
Opium question in the Far East Outlook May 30, 1908
Opium war in China Current Literature Jul 1908
Deliverance from the opium habit Missionary Review Dec 1908
Fight against opium in China Missionary Review Dec 1908
Opium evil Outlook Dec 26, 1908
Safeguarding the sale of narcotics Conf Char and Correc 1909
Poppy culture and opium manufacture in India Scientific American Jan 16, 1909
Japan's crusade on the use of opium in Formosa North American Feb 1909
Warfare against opium smoking in America Outlook Feb 6, 1909
Congress acts in the nick of time Outlook Feb 12, 1909
Opium traffic Independent Mar 4, 1909
International anti-opium conference Outlook Mar 20, 1909
Opium question Outlook Mar 20, 1909
Opium crusade in China World Today Apr 1909
Weeds that are used in medicine; simple botanical facts Scientific American Apr 3, 1909
International opium commission Missionary Review May 1909
Attempt to restrict the cocaine habit Outlook Jun 1909
Conference on opium and other poisons Outlook Jun 26, 1909
Fight against opium Nation Jul 29, 1909
Opium evil Outlook Jul 31, 1909
Latest drug danger World's Work Aug 1909
Turning common weeds into money Ladie's Home Journal Aug 1909
Deadly headache remedies Outlook Aug 14, 1909
American opium peril Putnam's Dec 1909
Opium and the oriental calm Harper's Weekly Jan 29, 1910
Standard of purity for drugs Outlook Feb 5, 1910
Morphine habit and its voluntary renunciation Westm Feb 1910
Drug habit Westm Mar 1910
End of opium curse Independent Mar 3, 1910
Influcence of cocaine on contemporary style in literature Current Literature Jun 1910
What not to do for a headache World's Work Jun 1910
Directory of the habit forming drugs Survey Jun 18, 1910
How China is fighting against opium World Today Jul 1910
Opium question American Journal of Sociology Sep 1910
National fight on baby killers Survey Oct 1, 1910
Passing of pills and powders Hampton Nov 1910
Deadly drugs and beverages Good Housekeeping Nov 1910
China's grapple with the opium evil Everybody's Apr 1911
Opium in Burma and the Shan States Westm May 1911
Rapid increase of the most dangerous drug habit Hampton May 1911
China's prayer to one of messiah's kingdoms Overland May 1911
Opium in China Independent May 4, 1911
Habit forming drugs Independent May 18, 1911
Horrible perils of taking medicines World's Work Jun 1911
International opium conference Westm Jun 1911
Cutting down the market for opium Survey Jun 3, 1911
New opium convention Living Age Jun 17, 1911
Insidious drug habit in the home Good Housekeeping Jul 1911
Pain allaying drugs as used and abused Good Housekeeping Jul 1911
Passing of the opium traffic Forum Jul 1911
Progress in solving the opium problem Outlook Jul 1, 1911
China's success in her war on opium Review of Reviews Aug 1911
Fight on medical quakery and fraud Chaut Sep 1911
Fighting the opium ring Overland Sep 1911
Anglo Chinese opium agreement Chaut Sep 1911
Medical compounds from a patentable standpoint Scientific American Sep 9, 1911
Manufacture of cocaine Scientific American Sep 9, 1911
Changing Chinese World Today Dec 1911
Problems in education as related to public health Nat Educ Assn Journal 1912
Background of the opium conference at The Hague Review of Reviews Feb 1912
Work of the international opium conference at The Hague Contemp Mar 1912
Injury of tobacco and its relation to other drug habits Century Mar 1912
Combatting the drug evil in San Francisco Overland Jul 1912
Soft drinks and dopes Good Housekeeping Aug 1912
Opium bonfire Good Housekeeping Aug 1912
Peril of the drug habit Century Aug 1912
Coca-Cola controversy Good Housekeeping Sep 1912
Drug taker and the physician Century Oct 1912
Fighting the deadly habits: the story of Charles B. Towns American Mercury Oct 1912
India banishing opium Literary Digest Nov 9, 1912
China supressing the opium habit Scientific American Dec 28, 1912
Opium: a live question Contemp Jan 1913
Opium joint Hearst's Jan 1913
Chinese supression of opium Literary Digest Jan 25, 1913
Sale of habit forming drugs Hearst's Feb 1913
Cocaine evil Outlook Feb 8, 1913
Bullet used as a narcotic Tech World Mar 1913
British opium in China Independent Mar 13, 1913
Bullets as angels of mercy Literary Digest Mar 15, 1913
Opium war in China Independent Apr 10, 1913
Cocainomania at Montmarte Scientific American Apr 12, 1913
To make opium contraband Harper's Weekly May 31, 1913
Criminal traffic in cocaine Survey May 31, 1913
Ancient drugs for modern doctors Literary Digest Jun 7, 1913
Knock-out blow for opium Literary Digest Jun 28, 1913
Internatonal opium conference and opium legislation Outlook Jul 12, 1913
Opium, an unsettled question Living Age Jul 12, 1913
China forces England's hand on the opium question Literary Digest Sep 6, 1913
What is coca? Scientific American Sep 20, 1913
Marihuana; story (seen it -- no good) Cosmopolitan Oct 1913
Those who have come back American Mercury Oct 1913
How the Indians of Peru use coca leaves Scientific American Oct 25, 1913
Spread of the opium habit in India Literary Digest Nov 1, 1913
Passing of the Indo-Chinese opium trade Living Age Nov 1, 1913
Opium vice in Java Nation Nov 20, 1913
White hope of drug victims Collier's Nov 29, 1913
Opium evil in India Bib World Dec 1913
Opium in the Dutch East Indies Nation Dec 11, 1913
Opium smoking in Java Nation Dec 18, 1913
Opium in the United States Outlook Jan 24, 1914
Passing of the opium question Outlook Feb 14, 1914
Opiate derived from lettuce juice Scientific American Feb 21, 1914
I cure a headache Harper's Weekly Feb 28, 1914
Cocaine crime Good Housekeeping Mar 1914
Drug endangered nation Literary Digest Mar 28, 1914
Coca -- the wonder plant of the Andes Bulletin of Pan Am Union May 1914
Twenty thousand dollar pipeful Tech World May 1914
Modern opium eater; a newspaper man's story of his own experiences with the drug American Mercury Jun 1914
Opium burning in China Outlook Jul 11, 1914
Prohibition from the medical standpoint Everybody's Aug 1914
Opium prohibition in China Literary Digest Aug 15, 1914
Anti opium campaign in China Missionary Review Sep 1914
War and drug famine Literary Digest Sep 19, 1914
Coca-Cola and the circuit court of appeals Good Housekeeping Oct 1914
Physiological standardization of drugs Scientific American Oct 10, 1914
Southern city's census of drug users Survey Oct 24, 1914
Drug habit and the law Outlook Nov 11, 1914
Opium legislation Outlook Dec 23, 1914
Law and the drug sharks Harper's Weekly Feb 6, 1915
End of the opium question Review of Reviews Apr 1915
How narcotics affect plants Scientific American Apr 24, 1915
Federal aid in the antidrug war Literary Digest Apr 24, 1915
Dope law; Harrison anti-narcotic act Review of Reviews May 1915
World's ban upon opium Review of Reviews May 1915
National government as a regulator of the dope evil Current Opinion May 1915
Campaign against opium Outlook May 5, 1915
Release from drug slavery Literary Digest May 8, 1915
History of opium Scientific American May 29, 1915
How the new drug laws work Literary Digest Jul 10, 1915
Early history of opium Scientific American Jul 10, 1915
Effects of the Harrison drug law Survey Sep 18, 1915
Facing a drug famine Literary Digest Oct 30, 1915
Opium fiend; story Overland Nov 1915
How the war has advanced the prices of medicines Literary Digest Nov 20, 1915
In the gray land of drugs McClure Dec 1915
Narcotic plants and stimulants of the ancient Americans Smithson Rept 1916
Misuse of drugs Collier's Apr 1, 1916
Year of the Harrison narcotic law Survey Apr 8, 1916
Heroin habit New Republic Apr 22, 1916
Drug disease Literary Digest Jul 22, 1916
Peace chemistry in war time Illus World Aug 1916
Control of drugs and medicines Scientific American Sep 9, 1916
Dope cops at work Literary Digest Sep 30, 1916
Mother's medicine chest Good Housekeeping Oct 1916
Drugs and the drug user Survey Oct 14, 1916
Drugs: a world problem Survey Oct 28, 1916
Putting a quietus on upon C parties Survey Nov 11, 1916
National drug problem Survey Nov 18, 1916
Opium smuggling Illus World Jan 1917
Persistence in reform Outlook Jan 17, 1917
End of the opium traffic Independent Jan 22, 1917
Worldwide control of narcotics Literary Digest Feb 17, 1917
Magic plants of ancient Americans Scientific American Feb 24, 1917
China's final blow to opium Literary Digest Feb 24, 1917
War and the dope habit Literary Digest Jun 9, 1917
Superstition of dope Literary Digest Jun 30, 1917
My escape from morphine Illus World Jul 1917
Geography of medicines; war's effects upon the world's sources of supply National Geographic Sep 1917
On getting rich quick in China Survey Sep 22, 1917
Drug addiction and the Harrison Law Review of Reviews Oct 1917
Emperor opium and king morphine World Outlook Dec 1917
Narcotism and the war North American Dec 1917
Drug controller needed Literary Digest Dec 29, 1917
Relation between chemical constitution and physiological action Scientific American Apr 27, 1918
Municipal drug addict clinic American City May 1918
Drugs and genius Yale Review Jul 1918
Literature and drugs Literary Digest Aug 24, 1918
Opium trade revived New Republic Sep 14, 1918
China going back to opium Literary Digest Sep 21, 1918
Poisons and drugs of animal origin Scientific American Oct 12, 1918
Opium scandal in China Living Age Nov 16, 1918
Shall the opium traffic be revived in China? Review of Reviews Dec 1918
Teetotalism and tea-tippling Literary Digest Feb 22, 1919
Drug prohibition Survey Feb 22, 1919
Drug situation Survey Mar 15, 1919
Chinese charge against Japan: selling of morphine and opium Literary Digest Apr 12, 1919
Drug treatment Survey Apr 26, 1919
American enslavement to drugs Literary Digest Apr 26, 1919
Intoxicants and drugs in China Missionary Review May 1919
Origin and progress of the narcomaniac Current Opinion Jun 1919
Drug disease Literary Digest Jun 7, 1919
Drug addicts in America Outlook Jun 25, 1919
Born a dope fiend Literary Digest Jul 19, 1919
Fashions in drugs Literary Digest Aug 9, 1919
Alcoholic disease, a myth Literary Digest Aug 23, 1919
Drug menace in America Review of Reviews Sep 1919
Dope; the situation as the empress dowager of China met it and as congress faces Survey Sep 6, 1919
Senate and the empress dowager; enforcement of the Harrison Narcotic Act Independent Sep 13, 1919
Drug propaganda Literary Digest Oct 18, 1919
Is Japan bringing back opium to China? World Outlook Nov 1919
Drugs deadly stealth Delineator Nov 1919
Iur share in drugging China New Republic Dec 24, 1919
China finally dope free Literary Digest Dec 28, 1918
Drugs plants under cultivation Farmer's Bulletin 1920
What is back of the drug habit Literary Digest Mar 6, 1920
Dope doctor and other city cousins of the moonshiner Survey Apr 3, 1920
Colored medicine Literary Digest Jul 17, 1920
Institutional management of the drug addict Survey Sep 15, 1920
Weak will fallacy in treating the drug addict Current Opinion Nov 1920
Drying crude drugs Farmer's Bulletin 1921
Legislation and narcotics Survey Feb 19, 1921
Poisoning the Chinese Literary Digest Feb 26, 1921
Drug habit in the United States New Republic Mar 16, 1921
Mrs Wright and the Rainey narcotic amendment Review of Reviews Apr 1921
Is prohibition making drug fiends? Literary Digest Apr 16, 1921
Menace of opium New Republic Apr 27, 1921
Common sense in drug control American City May 1921
Evil of drug addiction New Republic May 18, 1921
Juice of the poppy Scientific American Oct 1, 1921
From opium to hasheesh Scientific American Nov 1921
Changing our medical superstitions Literary Digest Dec 24, 1921
Clamping the lid on the opium smuggler Illus World Feb 1922
Drug addiction Survey Feb 4, 1922
Opium question Review of Reviews Mar 1922
Increasing drug menace and its serpentine trail Current Opinion May 1922
Coca leaves and cocaine Pan American Monthly May 1922
America and the opium trade Atlantic Jun 1922
Ending the narcotic menace Literary Digest Jun 10, 1922
New weapons in the war against narcotics Survey Jun 15, 1922
Great drug delusion Living Age Jul 8, 1922
Cocaine traffic in India Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Sep 1922
Narcotic dreams and their aftermath Review of Reviews Oct 1922
New opium problem in western China Contemp Oct 1922
Sacred coca plant Pan American Monthly Dec 1922
Opium problem Review of Reviews Jan 1923
Menace of the drug mania Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Jan 1923
On China's opium frontier Travel Jan 1923
Opium question Outlook Jan 1923
Report of the committee on habit forming drugs Am Jour of Public Health Jan 1923
America and the opium trade Outlook Jan 3, 1923
National menace of the dope traffic Literary Digest Feb 24, 1923
Narcotic drug addiction as it really is Saturday Evening Post Mar 31, 1923
What have you got in your medicine closet? American Monthly Apr 1923
Root out the opium poppy Current Opinion Apr 1923
League and the poppy New Republic May 9, 1923
Hand of Esau Freeman May 23, 1923
Cocaine and cocoa Scientific American Jun 1923
Menace of opium Nation Jun 20, 1923
One million drug addicts in the United States Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Jul 1923
Opium convention and the League of Nations Contemp Jul 1923
America's opium policy Review of Reviews Jul 1923
Opium interests blocking reform Literary Digest Jul 7, 1923
America at the Geneva opium conference Outlook Jul 11, 1923
Why is a dope fiend? Literary Digest Jul 21, 1923
One million drug addicts in the United States Literary Digest Aug 25, 1923
Mr Porter visits Geneva Collier's Sep 8, 1923
Hunger and dope Literary Digest Sep 29, 1923
Source of the poison stream World's Work Jan 1924
Drug curse is pall on roof of world Popular Mechanics Feb 1924
Cruel tragedy of dope Collier's Feb 23, 1924
India and the American opium supply Living Age Feb 23, 1924
Defense of India on opium Literary Digest Feb 23, 1924
Enemy of evil Sunset Mar 1924
How people become drug addicts Collier's Mar 1, 1924
How to stop the dope peddler Collier's Mar 8, 1924
Saving youth from heroin and crime Literary Digest May 24, 1924
Hidden trail Saturday Evening Post May 31, 1924
Drug addiction in the United States Science Jun 27, 1924
Opium Annals of the American Academy Jul 1924
Fight against heroin Review of Reviews Jul 1924
Her wicked finger; story Outlook Jul 2, 1924
Ethics of opium World's Work Aug 1924
Opium: a test of the league New Republic Aug 27, 1924
Trail of opium Asia Sep 1924
Opium and England Nation Sep 3, 1924
Heroin heroes; interview Saturday Evening Post Sep 20, 1924
Posters on the dope evil School Arts Monthly Oct 1924
Drug smugglimg from Canada Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Oct 1924
Use of opium and cocaine Science Oct 10, 1924
Drug addiction decreasing in the United States World's Work Nov 1924
Are we our brother's keepers? how our country is fighting the drug evil Harper's Nov 1924
Fight against opium Nation Nov 5, 1924
Synthetic cocaine in Germany Literary Digest Nov 8, 1924
Opium at Geneva Survey Nov 15, 1924
Leagues big little jobs Outlook Nov 19, 1924
League campaign against opium Contemp Dec 1924
America's part in the world war on opium Literary Digest Dec 6, 1924
Halting the opium menace Independent Dec 13, 1924
Opium Living Age Dec 20, 1924
Battle of Geneva in the opium war Outlook Dec 24, 1924
Opium problem postponed New Republic Dec 31, 1924
League to curb the opium trade Current Opinion Jan 1925
Millions of orientals under the yoke of opium Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Jan 1925
Opium conflict at Geneva, with text of American proposals at the intl opium conf Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Jan 1925
Unarmed invasion Atlantic Jan 1925
Losing fight against the deadly poppy Literary Digest Jan 3, 1925
Opium and diplomats Living Age Jan 31, 1925
Menace of the drug addict Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Feb 1925
Drug addict American Mercury Feb 1925
Problem of opium Contemp Feb 1925
Deadlock at Geneva Nation Feb 4, 1925
American coup at Geneva Outlook Feb 18, 1925
Three opium policies, American, Japanese, and British at the convention in Genev Outlook Feb 18, 1925
Why we quit the opium conference Literary Digest Feb 21, 1925
Use and abuse of opium; a defense of the British standpoint Living Age Feb 28, 1925
International events Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Mar 1925
Fixing the blame for the opium evil Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Mar 1925
Are Americans cloudy idealists? Outlook Mar 11, 1925
Cocaine addicts Science Mar 20, 1925
Opium conferences; Why America and China withdrew Review of Reviews Apr 1925
Opium conventions Contemp Apr 1925
Asia's struggle against opium Contemp Apr 1925
Peshawar city of a thousand and one sins and gateway to central Asia Asia Apr 1925
Pitting drugs against alcohol Current Opinion Apr 1925
How California is dealing with the narcotic evil Outlook Apr 22, 1925
Americans wouldn't compromise! Nation May 6, 1925
India's opium traffic Nation May 20, 1925
Cocaine addicts Literary Digest May 30, 1925
America's stand against opium Nation Jun 3, 1925
$100,000 prize in chemistry offered for synthetic opium Literary Digest Jun 6, 1925
Proposed world conference on narcotic education School and Society Jun 27, 1925
Opium traffic's stranglehold on China Cur Hist Mag - NY Times Jul 1925
Continuing curse of opium Ladie's Home Journal Jul 1925
Opium a hindrance to Christianity Missionary Review Jul 1925
Moonshine morphine Science Monthly Jul 1925
Opium question Contemp Aug 1925
Dearth of drink not driving us to drugs Literary Digest Aug 1, 1925
Kathleen Mavourneen treaties Nation Aug 5, 1925
Narcotics scandal Literary Digest Aug 29, 1925
India on opium Nation Aug 26, 1925
Opium again Living Age Sep 26, 1925
Opium traffic Science Oct 9, 1925
Anyway, opium won Survey Oct 15, 1925
Opium problem Annals of the American Academy Nov 1925
Control of drug addiction mainly a police problem American City Nov 1925
Dope Ladie's Home Journal Jan 1926
Year's work in the food and drug field Am Jour of Public Health Jan 1926
International opium and drug conferences Political Science Quarterly Mar 1926
Body blow at opium Survey Mar 15, 1926
India and the opium trade Outlook Mar 24, 1926
Closing licensed opium shops in Ceylon Missionary Review Apr 1926
Horse bandits and opium Forum Apr 1926
Our home hasheesh crop Literary Digest Apr 23, 1926
Drug addiction and crime Annals of the American Academy May 1926
Fighting the dope menace Literary Digest Aug 28, 1926
Opium, up to date Nation Sep 1, 1926
Sara Graham-Mullhall a world leader in the war on drugs Pictorial Review Jan 1927
New hope for drug addicts Review of Reviews Jan 1927
Find out if you can Nation Jan 5, 1927
Relief for drug addicts? Literary Digest Jan 8, 1927
Narcosan and drug addiction Science Jan 14, 1927
More about Narcosan Literary Digest Jan 15, 1927
Uncle Sam scores one on opium Survey Jan 15, 1927
Traffic in dangerous drugs Fortune Mar 1927
Poppy blooms again; China's recent backset in its control of opium production Literary Digest Mar 12, 1927
Bootlegging opium in the Phillipines Survey Apr 15, 1927
Opium trade at Geneva Nation Jun 1, 1927
Mussolini butts into opium Survey Jun 15, 1927
Opium situation in India Contemp Jul 1927
Banishing opium from India Literary Digest Jul 23, 1927
Drugless age Saturday Evening Post Oct 8, 1927
Debunking drugs American Mercury Mar 1928
Italy fights opium Nation Mar 14, 1928
Spot-light again for the opium devil Survey Apr 1, 1928
Dangers of safe drugs Literary Digest Jun 16, 1928
Opium leaks through Nation Jul 18, 1928
Down with poppy and wild boar! Asia Aug 1928
New chapter in the opium war Survey Oct 1, 1928
Brain wave studies helping against drug addiction Science News Letter Nov 26, 1928
Opium smoking in the Far East Nation Dec 5, 1928
Blood chemistry and drug action Science Dec 7, 1928
Drugs, alcohol, and insanity Literary Digest Dec 15, 1928
Step toward solution of the narcotics problem Current History Jan 1929
Central board on opium Survey Jan 15, 1929
Flourishing criminal industry Saturday Evening Post Feb 16, 1929
Old Coyote protests Commonweal Mar 27, 1929
Nightmare of cocaine North American Apr 1929
Perils of peyote; reply to Old Coyote Commonweal Apr 24, 1929
Drug limitation in the United States Nation May 1, 1929
Drugs at Geneva Nation Jun 12, 1929
Peyote paradise Collier's Jul 27, 1929
Fight against opium New Republic Jul 31, 1929
Fight against opium; discussion New Republic Sep 4, 1929
Divine intoxicant Atlantic Nov 1929
League strikes at opium Survey Nov 1, 1929
Government farms for drug addicts Literary Digest Nov 2, 1929
Who killed cock robin? Survey Dec 1, 1929
Drugs et cetera Survey Feb 1, 1930
Enforcement of narcotic laws Nation Mar 12, 1930
Drug store from the sea Popular Mechanics Apr 1930
Call to action; parents and teachers plan Nat Educ Assn Journal Apr 1930
Pity for the fiend Literary Digest May 10, 1930
Halo of heroin Forum Jun 1930
Hashish smugglers of Egypt Asia Jun 1930
Outlawry of beverage alcohol and China's experience with the juice of the poppy Nat Educ Assn Journal Jun 1930
Tons of poison Ladie's Home Journal Jun 1930
Promotion of medicine and pharmacy Science Jul 1930
Consumer and the medicine cabinet Journal of Home Economics Jul 1930
Of salt, and of opium Survey Jul 1, 1930
Why drugs drug us Literary Digest Aug 16, 1930
League fights the poppy New Republic Aug 20, 1930
Economic losses through drug addiction Overland Sep 1930
Dope ring smashed by a toastmaster Literary Digest Nov 29, 1930
Rabies treatment for drug addicts Scientific American Jan 1931
Committee on drug addiction of the National Research Council Science Jan 23, 1931
Detroit attitude towards drug addicts American City Feb 1931
Teaching topics on narcotics Nat Educ Assn Journal Feb 1931
More fire and still fiddling Survey Feb 1, 1931
Will China license the opium traffic? Christian Century Feb 25, 1931
Celestial poppy smoke Literary Digest Mar 7, 1931
Narcotic drugs Science Mar 20, 1931
China's prohibition puzzle: opium Literary Digest Apr 4, 1931
Seek drug to save dope finds Popular Science May 1931
Laws that cause crime American Mercury May 1931
Opium, China's ancient enemy Nation May 6, 1931
Alcohol from the standpoint of narcosis Christian Century May 13, 1931
Federal mental hygiene Survey May 15, 1931
League and narcotics National Republic Jun 1931
Plant with a personality Nature Jun 1931
Smashing the dope rings Forum Jun 1931
Drug addiction Scientific American Jun 1931
Effective plan to control traffic in drugs adopted by twenty-eight nations Nation Jul 29, 1931
New plan to curb drug traffic Current History Aug 1931
World curb on dope traffic Literary Digest Aug 1, 1931
Changed brains; international opium conference Survey Aug 1, 1931
China's failure to supress opium traffic Current History Oct 1931
First shot Literary Digest Nov 21, 1931
Real narcotic addict American Mercury Jan 1932
Down to the poppies Survey Jan 1, 1932
Potions and pills Survey Jan 1, 1932
World over; Japan and the Asiatic drug traffic Living Age Mar 1932
Legal status of education against drug addiction in the United States Education Mar 1932
Headache relief Hygeia Mar 1932
Opiates and vitamins Science Apr 8, 1932
Limiting drug manufacture Nation Apr 13, 1932
Treatment for drug addiction Science May 13, 1932
Underneath the uproar Survey Jan 1933
Turkey fights use of drugs Christian Century Jan 11, 1933
League wins narcotics fight Literary Digest Apr 22, 1933
Nations agree to Geneva control of narcotics Newsweek Apr 22, 1933
Now try this on your armaments Survey Jun 1933
Effect of morphine on the anal sphincters Science Jul 7, 1933
Drug inc, too big Business Week Jul 8, 1933
End of the illicit traffic now in sight Literary Digest Jul 29, 1933
Drug addicts will receive federal help Newsweek Aug 5, 1933
Monopoly of big firms protested by drug importers Newsweek Nov 18, 1933
Dope traffic eastward bound Literary Digest Nov 25, 1933
New prey for racketeers American Mercury Apr 1934
On the narcotic trail Current History May 1934
Drugging a nation Christian Century May 16, 1934
Search for harmless morphine Scientific American Oct 1934
International control of traffic in dangerous drugs Contemp Oct 1934
China's new old road to ruin Asia Nov 1934
Proposed substitute for morphine; dihydrodesoxymorphine-D Science Dec 14, 1934
Race horse dope racket Popular Mechanics Jan 1935
Dope menace; uniform state narcotic drug act Good Housekeeping Feb 1935
Opium for the world Atlantic Jun 1935
Dope treatment Newsweek Jun 1, 1935
Is Japan drugging China? Christian Century Aug 14, 1935
Opium in China Living Age Sep 1935
Japan and opium Nation Sep 11, 1935
Punishment for disease American Mercury Oct 1935
Menace of marihuana American Mercury Dec 1935
Japan's drug traffic in south China Christian Century Jan 8, 1936
Morphinism cure Time Jan 13, 1936
Blots on national 'scutcheons; Japanese policy regarding poisonous drug traffic Missionary Review Feb 1936
Marihuana menaces youth Scientific American Mar 1936
Following the opium trail Christian Century Mar 18, 1936
Uncle Sam fights a new drug menace: marijuana Popular Science May 1936
Rising tide of narcotics over world Literary Digest May 16, 1936
Morphine substitutes Time Jun 1, 1936
Facts and fancies about marijuana Literary Digest Oct 24, 1936
India's opium export ended Christian Century Oct 28, 1936
China's opium racket Current History Nov 1936
New morphine Science Nov 13, 1936
Gift to the government of a patent on a new, safer morphine Science Dec 4, 1936
Opium and politics Time Jan 11, 1937
Clive of India: Britain's might in orient was start of Chinese opium trade Literary Digest Jan 16, 1937
Smugglers; illegal manufacture and trade in narcotic drugs Living Age Feb 1937
Narcotic farm no. 2 Time Feb 15, 1937
Opium menace in the Far East Foreign Policy Report Mar 1, 1937
Treating opium addicts; anti-opium hospital at Shanghai Asia Apr 1937
Dangers of heroin Current History Apr 1937
Cooperation of the United States with the League of Nations, 1931-1936 International Conciliation Apr 1937
Opium comes home to roost Rotarian Jun 1937
Marijuana, assassin of youth American Mercury Jul 1937
Opium and other dangerous drugs Am Jour of Public Health Aug 1937
New federal tax hits dealing in potent weed Newsweek Aug 14, 1937
Doping the Chinese Current History Sep 1937
Alcohol and narcotic drugs an urgent problem in health education Nat Educ Assn Journal Sep 1937
Drugging China Christian Century Sep 29, 1937
What is marihuana? Hygeia Oct 1937
Opium on wings Literary Digest Nov 13, 1937
Drug eaters of the high Andes Travel Dec 1937
Crime's invisible emperor American Mercury Dec 1937
Japan's way with the vanquished; more drugs for China Living Age Dec 1937
Poison for pleasure; arsenic eaters of Styria Literary Digest Dec 25, 1937
Sociological theory of drug addiction American Journal of Sociology Jan 1938
Hashish smuggling in Egypt Living Age Jan 1938
Marijuana menace Literary Digest Jan 1, 1938
Coal tar yields narcotic that rivals codeine Science News Letter Jan 15, 1938
Marijuana weed grows where rope factory failed Science News Letter Jan 15, 1938
One minute to live; brutal net of the narcotics racket American Mercury Feb 1938
Marijuana, assassin of youth; abbrev Reader's Digest Feb 1938
Sociological theory of drug addiction; reply American Journal of Sociology Mar 1938
Opium in the Far East Current History Mar 1938
Gandhi and prohibition Christian Century Mar 2, 1938
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TV ads may lead to excessive drug use USA Today Apr 1993
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