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From: (Tom Rohan)
Subject: Re: Need Info On "Parents Against D.A.R.E."
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 1994 20:24:19 GMT

Finally! I got in touch with the couple who started Parents Against 
D.A.R.E.  They are going to send me a packet of information so I will 
have more specifics soon. I asked if I could post their phone number and 
address for all interested people to get in touch with them and they said 
to go ahead so here it is!

			Parents Against D.A.R.E.
			1805 Crestmore Place
			Fort Collins, CO  80521

			Phone - (303) 493-2290

If you can, please send them a $5 donation to help defray the costs if you
request a packet of information. I know from my experience in running the
Marijuana Information HOTLINE that the costs mount up pretty fast when you
are mailing a lot of stuff out and making lots of long distance calls to
people requesting information.  So give them a hand and send a few bucks
with your request. Thanks! 

The group does not have local chapters. They describe their network as a
'national support group' for people who oppose the tactics and
misinformation D.A.R.E. puts out to kids. Their original challenge was
based on a law called the "Hatch Act" which requires that schools have
parents "Opt In" to ANY psychological programs being presented to
students. Since D.A.R.E. even represents their ownselves as a
psychological program there is no argument that parents should be ASKED
before D.A.R.E. materials can be presented to their kids. This is not an
"Opt Out" situation. This is a "Opt IN"  situation. The kids should not be
exposed to D.A.R.E. unless the parents make an effort to enroll them in

If Parents Against D.A.R.E. is correct about this and your school district
did not ask you before forcing your child to endure the D.A.R.E. program
then they are in violation of the Hatch Act! So you should be able to get 
this changed REALLY easily by approaching the school district with this 
information. I will let you know more when I have had a chance to look 
into this further.

They said there is a particularly insidious video that D.A.R.E. has been 
showing to kids called "Land of Choices" that a North Carolina member got 
banned from the schools in their district. This was apparently a major 
blow to D.A.R.E. since they build their program around the video.

Again, I need to double check on all of this, but it sounds VERY 
interesting. I'll definitely keep you posted!