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Department of Defense
Inspector General Report about the use of Psychoactive Drugs for Interrogations at Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp
by Lux
v1.0 - July 19, 2012
The Pentagon Inspector General has released a declassified report under FOIA discussing the use of psychoactive drugs on inmates in Gitmo. The report is titled "Investigations of Allegations of the Use of Mind-Altering Drugs to Facilitate Interrogations of Detainnees (U)". The report may have been triggered by widely-reported allegations that Guantanamo Bay detainee Josť Padilla was given a "truth serum" by intravenous injection. The report describes an incident in which an unnamed detainee alleges he or she was given an intravenous LSD injection, and concludes that LSD was not administered. The report asserts that the detainee was given a routine flu shot, and was told that the shot was a truth serum or hallucinogen "as a ruse". ((U) Appendix 2, pg. 14)

The Pentagon contends the alleged injections were flu shots, and that is mostly what is found in this report. Some inmates were diagnosed as schizophrenic and administered Haldol, others were given sedatives, and effects probably persisted into interrogation sessions.

In short, at least as far as the Pentagon has publicly maintained, psychoactive drugs were never intentionally administered for the sole or primary purpose of interrogation.

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