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Aghajanian GK, Foote WE, ... Lysergic acid diethylamide: sensitive neuronal units in the midbrain r... Sciencw 1968
Foote WE, Sheard MH, Agha... Comparison of effects of LSD and amphetamine on midbrain raphe units Nature 1969
Aghajanian GK, Foote WE, ... Action of psychotogenic drugs on single midbrain raphe neurons J. Pharmacol. Exp. T... 1970
Aghajanian GK, Sheard MH,... LSD and mescaline: comparison of effects on single units in the midbra... Psychotomimetic Drug... 1970
Foote WE, Lieb JP, Martz ... Effect of hydrocortisone on single unit activity: in midbrain raphe. Brain Research 1972