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Walsh T, Carmichael R, Chestnut J. 
“A hyperthermic reaction to 'ecstasy'”. 
Br J Hosp Med. 1994;51(9):476.
Hyperthermic reactions to ecstasy are being seen with increasing frequency in young patients. There appears to be no correlation with the dose ingested. Physical exertion, coupled with dehydration, may be important contributing factors (Henry et al, 1992). Although the condition resembles MH, the mechanism appears to be via central serotonergic pathways rather than a peripheral defect of muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum, as is the case in MH (McKenna and Peroutka, 1990). Gaseous induction with halothane did not apparently worsen the patient's condition and allowed intubation without losing control of the airway, worsening hypoxia or precipitating dangerous arrhythmias.
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