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Gibb JW, Stone DM, Johnson M, Hanson GR. 
“Role of dopamine in the neurotoxicity induced by amphetamines and related designer drugs”. 
NIDA Res Monogr. 1989;94:161-78.
In 1971, extensive excitement about the increasing abuse of amphetamines piqued the authors' interest in the effects of amphetamine and its analogs on biogenic amine metabolism; specifically, whether the biosynthesis of biogenic amines may be altered. In the prior year, Mandell and Morgan (1970) reported that methamphetamine (METH) produced an increase in adrenal tyrosine hdroxylase (TH) activity. Fibiger and McGeer (1971) also observed that chronic treatment with METH caused an increase in TH activity in the adrenal gland and a decrease in enzyme activity in the neostriatum.
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