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Beck J, Rosenbaum M. 
“The Scheduling of MDMA ('Ecstasy')”. 
Pursuit of Ecstasy. 1990;1:303-16.
The popularization of MDMA in the mid-1980's has presented a number of challenging dillemas to the scheduling process. Frequently referred to as 'Ecstasy', 'XTC', or 'Adam', MDMA suddenly becaome the object of extensive media coverage in 1985, highlighting what appeard to be a dramatic increase in both therapeutic and recreational use. Representing one faction were various psychiatrists who viewed MDMA as a valuable therapeutic adjunct and saw minimal huarm associated with carefully monitored use. The other side was largely composed of drug enforcement officials who viewed MDMA as a dangerous 'designer drug' possessing potentially harmful actions, with increasigng abuse seen outside of the therapeutic community. Alexander Shuglin aptly described the situation in observing that 'MDMA has been thrust upon the public awareness as a largely unknown drug which to some is a medical miracle and to others a social devel.'
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