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Hansen D, Maycock B, Lower T. 
“'Weddings, parties, anything…', a qualitative analysis of ecstasy use in Perth, Western Australia”. 
International Journal of Drug Policy. 2001;12:181-99.
This study investigates the patterns of use, the meanings associated with use, the perception of risk and the strategies adopted to reduce these risks for a sample of ecstasy users in Perth, Western Australia. The sample was purposively chosen to represent the heterogeneous nature of ecstasy users in Perth. Data were collected from 31 ecstasy users and 157 h of participant observation in a variety of settings. The study found that users exhibited a reasonable degree of control over their consumption, incorporating a series of risk reduction strategies. Application of these strategies was inconsistent, with a large percentage of the sample indulging in occasional binges, spontaneous purchases, polydrug use and purchasing from unknown individuals in clubs/pubs. As users became more experienced, they tended to become less concerned about the risks associated with use and exhibited greater risk taking behaviour. Understanding the beliefs and events that influence the adoption (or non-adoption) of harm reduction strategies and the heterogeneous nature of ecstasy users is important for future health promotion interventions and policy.
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