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Mansergh G, Colfax GN, Marks G, Rader M, Guzman R, Buchbinder S. 
“The Circuit Party Men's Health Survey: findings and implications for gay and bisexual men”. 
Am J Public Health. 2001;91(6):953-958.
OBJECTIVE: This study examined characteristics of gay and bisexual men who attend circuit parties, frequency of and motivations for attending parties, drug use and sexual behavior during circuit party weekends, and use of risk reduction materials available at parties.

METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 295 gay and bisexual men from the San Francisco Bay Area who had attended a circuit party in the previous year.

RESULTS: One fourth of the men reported a drug 'overuse' incident in the previous year. Nearly all respondents reported use of drugs during circuit party weekends, including ecstasy (75%), ketamine (58%), crystal methamphetamine (36%), gamma hydroxybutyrate or gamma butyrolactone (25%), and Viagra (12%). Two thirds of the men reported having sex (oral or anal), 49% reported having anal sex, and 28% reported having unprotected anal sex during the 3-day period. An association was found between use of drugs and sexual risk behavior. Prevention materials were observed at party events by some men; however, relatively few men used the materials. Common motivations for attending the parties were 'to listen to music and dance' and 'to be with friends.' CONCLUSIONS: Intensive, targeted health promotion efforts are needed for gay and bisexual men who attend circuit parties.
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