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Vastag B. 
“Ecstasy experts want realistic messages”. 
JAMA. 2001 Aug 15286(7):777.
As the popularity of the drug ecstasy (MDMA) continues to climb11% of high school seniors have tried it, according to a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) surveybehavioral researchers are recommending control strategies that may seem antithetical to ever-expanding law enforcement efforts. Instead of focusing on eradication and punishment, these social scientists take another tack: they encourage harm reduction that acknowledges the realities of ecstasy.

At a recent NIDA conference, a half-dozen speakers advocated this immediate action approach. Providing plenty of water at rave parties to prevent dehydration (a common adverse effect), offering purity testing to help users avoid ubiquitous adulterants, and developing peer-led programs will go a long way toward reducing dangers, they said.
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