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Hoffman JA. 
“LSD flashbacks”. 
Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1984 Jun;41(6):631-2.
I read with interest Abraham's article on "Visional Phenomenology of the LSD Flashback". The description of visual flashbacks and the apparent reduction in symptoms with the administration of a benzodiazepine called to mind the case of a woman I treated whose major difference from the patients in Abraham's group was the absence of a history of LSD ingestion.

This patient had experienced the onset of visual symptoms at the age of 17 years during a near-psychotic upheaval, without any known exposure to hallucinogens. Of the 16 visual symptoms described by Abraham, my patient reported 14. Of the remaining two, she did not spontaneously endorse color confusion or positive after-images but did not deny them. These visual distortions had persisted during the 20 years since their onset, al- though with decreased frequency, During short trials of two neurolepties (thiothixene and trifluoperazine by- drochloride), she reported an increase in symptoms. With small doses of diazepam, symptoms decreased in frequence as well as intensity.
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