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Eisner BG. 
“Psychedelics and People as Adjuncts to Psychotherapy”. 
First Internation Congress on Social Psychiatry. 1964 Aug.
In the search for biochemical means to facilitate psychotherapy, a number of drugs -- psychedelics and stimulants, as well as meretran, ditran, CO2 and nitrous oxide -- have been used singly and in various combinations. LSD has been found to be the most effective pharmacological aid in consistently lowering ego defensiveness, enhancing rapport, and making unconscious materal available. The use of LSD presents several challenges. These researchers report that IM ritalin, given in conjunction with oral LSD, was an excellent way to shorten latency time of LSD action. Almost as important, IM ritalin was found to be an excellent substitute for the low-dose LSD treatments in intensifying rapport without intensifying intellectualization or removing individuals from feeling areas.
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