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Fineschi V, Centini F, Mazzeo E, Turillazzi E. 
“Adam (MDMA) and Eve (MDEA) misuse: an immunohistochemical study on three fatal cases”. 
Forensic Sci Int. 1999 Sep 30;104(1):65-74.
Three fatal cases of MDMA/MDEA misuse have been examined. These referred to white males between 19 and 20 years of age, in which post-mortem toxicology showed the presence of MDMA (in one case), MDEA (in one case) and both (in one case). The clinical data were analysed and the histopathological findings were studied following immunohistochemical investigations. A complete immunohistochemical study has made it possible to demonstrate rhabdomyolysis and myoglobinuria with alterations of the organs typical of a DIC. Clinical, histopathological and toxicological data suggest that severe or fatal complications following ecstasy ingestion could be related to idiosyncratic response.
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