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Golub A, Johnson BD, Sifaneck, S J, Chesluk B, Parker H. 
“Is the U.S. experiencing an incipient epidemic of hallucinogen use?”. 
Subst Use Misuse. 2001;36(12):1699-1729..
NHSDA and MTF survey data indicate 'epidemic'-like growth in hallucinogen use from 1992-1996 and associated increases in cocaine, crack, heroin and amphetamine use. These trends might have resulted from a proliferation of raves and dance clubs in the U.S. as occurred in Europe and elsewhere, although in contrast to evidence regarding European experiences the American epidemic involves primarily teens as opposed to persons in their twenties and involves primarily use of LSD as opposed to MDMA. This analysis highlights the need for further research into the context, significance, and consequences of these recently popular American drug use practices.
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