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Busch AK, Johnson WC. 
“L.S.D. 25 as an aid in psychotherapy”. 
Dis. Nerv. System. 1950 August;11:241.
"We believe that L.S.D. 25 is a drug which induces a controllable toxic state within the nervous system, that re-activates anxiety and fear with apparently just enough euphoria to permit recall of the provoking experiences. It does this without the sluggishness of speech difficulties so frequently encountered with amytal or the more marked confusion encountered during I.S.T. and following E.C.T.

On the basis of the preliminary investigation, L.S.D. 25 may offer a means for more readily gaining access to the chronically withdrawn patients. It may also serve as a new tool for shortening psychotherapy. We hope further investigation justifies our present impression."

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