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Bradley PB. 
“The effect of some drugs on the electrical activity of the brain in the cat”. 
Eeg & clin. Neurophysiol.. 1953;5:471.
EEG's were recorded in the conscious cat using permanently implanted electrodes. Atropine and l-Hyoscamine produced large amplitude, slow wave activity (resembling sleep rhythms) without change in behavior; physostigmine and ACh produced low voltage fast activity of the alert type without making the animal more alert. The spindle activity of barbiturate anaesthesia was abolished by physostigmine and restored by atropine or l-Hyoscyamine. LSD and amphetamine produced electrical activity of the alert type accompanied by an alerting of behavior. The spindle activity of barbituate anaesthesia was abolished by LSD but not by amphetamine. The effects of LSD and amphetamine differ from those of atropine and physostigmine in depending on mesencephalic or spinal connection.
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