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Rothlin E. 
“Die zentralnervösen Wirkungen von Heilmitteln”. 
Georg. Thieme Verlag Stuttgart. 1954.
In this lecture to a lay audience, the central effects of the ergot alkaloids are briefly explained. Mention is made of the potentiation by ergot alkaloids of the actions of hypnotics, the central authonomic actions such as the reduction in blood pressure, and dampening of circulatory reflexes and the centres of authonomic regulation in the diencephalon. The normalization of blood pressure in the rat with audiogenic hypertension by means of Hydergine (0.2 mg/kg s.c. daily for 24 days) [a finding not previously reported] demonstrates the effects of Hydergine in neurogenic hypertension. The effects of LSD on mental functions are discussed.
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