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Sandison RA, Spencer AM, Whitelaw JDA. 
“The therapeutic value of lysergic acid diethylamide in mental illness”. 
J. Ment. Sci.. 1954;100:491.
This preliminary paper describes the results of LSD therapy in 36 patients suffering from psychoneurosis and allied conditions, 20 of whom had previously received other treatment without effect. The initial dose was usually 25 mcg. and at subsequent treatments the dose was gradually increased until an adequate reaction was obtained. Thereafter, the drug was continued at approximately weekly intervals. As a result of LSD therapy 14 patients recovered (av. of 10.4 treatments), 1 was greatly improved (3 treatments), 6 were moderately improved (av. of 2 treatments) and 2 not improved (av. of 5 treatments). Eleven patients still under treatment were improved (av. of 18.6 treatments). In one case (6 treatments) it was too early to assess the results. One patient refused further treatment after having received one dose of LSD.
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