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Anderson EW, Rawnsley K. 
“Clinical studies of lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
Mschr. Psychiatr.. 1954;128:38.
10-600 mcg. LSD was given by mouth on 58 occasions to 4 normal subjects and 19 psychiatric patients. The symptoms which appeared within 15-60 minutes and reached a maximum within 105-230 minutes, comprised perceptual disturbances in the following modalities: visual, auditory, gustatory and spatial; thought disorder, mood changes; heightened sexuality; ego disorders; changes in body image; autonomic disturbances and drowsiness. In 6 cases LSD produced long-lasting changes in the clinical picture. EEG changes were minimal, comprising a slight increase in alpha-frequency. Glucose tolerance was somewhat reduced. The following effects have not been previously reported or emphasized: a distinct tranquillizing effect (4 cases); sudden and persistent mood changes (3 cases); sexual excitement (8 cases); feeling of impending ego dissolution (7 cases) [which the authors differentiate, without good reason, from depersonalization, which was also observed.]
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