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Woolley DW, Shaw EN. 
“Evidence for the participation of serotonin in mental processes.”. 
Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sc.. 1957;66:649.
Various agents causing mental disturbances were found to be antimetabolites of serotonin. Some success has been achieved in using serotonin to block the mental effects of such drugs. Thus, in mice the administration of serotonin and physostigmine or carbamylcholine (cf. Woolley, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 41: 338 (1955), but not of serotonin alone, protected half the animals against the mental effects of LSD. These are therefore the result of interference with serotonin. . Not all antimetabolites of serotonin cause mental disturbances, possibly because they fail to reach the proper site. . It has now been established that serotonin is needed for normal mental processes. It may participate in the function of oligodendroglial cells.
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