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Cook L, Weidley E. 
“Behavioral effects of some psychopharmacological agents.”. 
Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sc.. 1957;66:740.
A conditioned avoidance-escape response in rats was specifically blocked by chlorpromazine, reserpine, serotonin, LSD (high doses) and morphine and was non-specifically blocked by meprobamate. . LSD (low doses) antagonized the blocking action of serotonin, reserpine, chlorpromazine and meprobamate but not that of morphine. . N-allylmorphine antagonized the blocking action of morphine but not that of chlorpromazine. . Mescaline failed to antagonize the blocking action of chlorpromazine, reserpine, serotonin and morphine and slightly enhanced the blocking action of these drugs.
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