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Abood LG, Romanchek L. 
“The chemical constitution and biochemical effects of psychotherapeutic and structurally related agents.”. 
Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sc.. 1957;66:812.
The problem of relationships between chemical structure and metabolic activity was examined, using a large number of compounds including chlorpromazine, reserpine and other tranquilizers. An attempt was made to correlate the metabolic disturbances produced by some neurotropic drugs with their nueropharmacological properties. . The investigations included studies on cytochrome oxidase, ATP-ase and oxidative phosphorylation of mitochondria from rat brain. Oxidative phosphorylation, in vitro, was inhibited to varying degrees by a number of drugs, including LSD. The effects of chlorpromazine and SKF 501 on the phosphorylation of various areas of rat brain were demonstrated in vivo. . The fact that many, chemically unrelated agents inhibit oxidative phosphorylation suggests that many pathways are involved. The extent to which pharmacological effects can be correlated with effects on oxidative phosphorylation is not certain, but some degree of correlation seems highly probable.
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